Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey guys! 
Just wanna thank ALL of you for making this camp a success. :)

Firstly, its LYN, our chairperson!
She was the one who pushed everyone, called everyone for meetings and coordinated everything, so strictly speaking, without her, there is no CAMP UPPEKHA. So a GREAT THANK YOU to LYN!! :)

Next, its QIMEI, our IT expert!
She was the one who did the slides set up the projector for the introduction, videos and parents' night.
Usually, this job is done by a guy, but our dear QIMEI have prove them wrong! And, without her, there wouldnt be any thing for the parents to see. She was also the one who taught all the campers the Mass Dance and she taught us all WELL!  so, a GREAT THANK YOU to QIMEI! :)

Next up, our camp master LUCAS!
The calm one, the one who says "its ok, i'll help you with it" whenever theres a problem.
I felt kind of guilty screaming at him just a week before camp when it wasnt actually his fault, but a communication breakdown. So, SORRY LUCAS!! But thanks to him, I manage to keep calm throughout this whole planning and camp. so, THANKS, LUCAS. :)

Following, is the rest of the ORGANISING TEAM,  which includes INDRA, DEANNA, JACKSON, JADY... 
Despite her super busy schedule, INDRA still made an effort to come down for meetings and the camp itself. 
She was SO tired from her trip but still stayed over with us for the whole camp. we really appreciated that commitment. :)
For DEANNA, as a new member, she contributed a lot of her time for this camp. She never fails to turn up for meetings and despite spraining her ankle (swollen!) she still came for camp and help out, we really thank her for that!
Next, Jackson! I was having a very BIG headache about the digitizing the designs. but thanks to JACKSON, my problem was solved instantly! and that is how we had our camp gifts and shirt! 
JADY! In charge of F&B, we really have to thank her for NOT EATING OUR SHARE! HAHAHA :D
And she was really the one who went into the groups and chat with you guys when the rest of us were busy. I bet ALL OF YOU LOVED HER! :)

Next, are the PARENT VOLUNTEERS!! :)
The ones that made an effort to wake up early in the morning to join us for camp! :)
UNCLE GLENN! The one who provided us with the BEAUTIFUL photos (which included my unglam photos -.-)
SISTER JENNY and AUNTY FLORENCE that helped out at almost anything from transportation to food! :)
Really appreciated ALL OF YOU to be beside us, and always supporting us!

Next up, are our MENTORS!!~
AUNTY VIVIEN that helped JADY with our FOOD!
With her coordinating, we had ALL our meals on time, otherwise, we would all be starving~
TEACHER RITA! The person that was always there for us. coordinating everything with LYN to make this happen! Also the one who went into the committee and requested for this camp to be held! :)
TEACHER CHAW HUI! The one that is always there reminding us what to do and not to do.
We have to thank her for her gentle reminders. :)

I have to thank you for joining this camp. We really enjoyed having you guys around and your expressions during some games. HAHAHAH! :D We really appreciated your enthusiasm and you being SO cooperative! I just wanna say: WE LOVE YOU!~ <3


Vivian :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011



Hello everyone!

There will be a talk on TALENTS this Sunday at MV youth class!!!
It is going to be interesting and beneficial for anyone who is interested to know more about talents and how are the professionals different from the rest of us!!!

Look forward to seeing you!:D

With metta, 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey everyone out there!

There is going to be a short sharing session on Mindfulness this Sunday the 10th of July!!!
Do come down and listen:D

Help yourself so that you can help others!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Games Season

MVYC is hosting a Games Season this whole month of August and its going to be filled with games and activities ! There will be games played on every Sunday of August. Games are open to all ages and its FREE OF CHARGE!!!! Stay tuned for more information:D

Opening Semester

Hi everyone!

The YMBA exams just ended and for those who did not sit for the exams had a long holiday!!!
We are starting sharing sessions again on the 10th of July and hope to see you:D


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Talk in MV on the 5th of June 2011

I have invited Ms Ong Siew Kim, a teacher from MV, to give a talk. The talk will be on BGR. It will commence at 1030 am in Mangala Vihara on the 3rd floor last classroom. Please be punctual:D
After the talk, a group of youths from Young Buddhist Chapter is coming over to promote their camp which will be held this month.
Do give us your support by coming down:D


Upcoming Talks in July 2011

Dear friends,

There will be a talk on how mindfulness can benefit your career and personal life, and help you improve your work-life balance. 
The speaker is Dr Tan Eng Kong, an Australian psychotherapist who has shared his practice and knowledge at many occasions since 1990.
He will also conduct a workshop for social service and healthcare professionals, on combating compassion fatigue. 

You may find more details below, and in the posters.

Lifestyle Talk - Applying Mindfulness for Personal and Family Success
Mindfulness is a teaching and practice which has the greatest benefits for us.  In our personal life, our career path improves as we work mindfully and we self-actualise to our fullest potential. At the workplace, the way we relate with our colleagues can be improved as we truly understand interdependence. We also prioritise more skilfully and our work-life balance improves. At home, our family relationships bloom in the positive and peaceful psychological space we create through mindfulness. 

Date and time: 1 July 2011, Friday, 7pm to 9pm 
Ticket price: $5 
Nearest MRT station: Toa Payoh
Enquiries hotline: 8424 1549 

Workshop - Combating Compassion Fatigue in the Workplace
Research has shown that the most important factor contributing to the outcome of caregiving by the helping professional is his/her psychological well-being.
In today’s health fields many therapists and counsellors suffer internalised negative emotions from their patients. Some feel traumatised, others feel desensitised; most are exhausted and a few become depressed. How can caregivers give care when plagued by such states of mind?
This workshop will define compassion fatigue and burn out, examine the underlying causes and suggest simple and sustainable remedies from Western psychology and Buddhist teachings.

Who should attend: Professionals in the healthcare, social service, counselling, and education sectors
Venue: Poh Ming Tse Temple, 438 Dunearn Road Singapore 289613
Date and time: 2 July 2011, 9am to 5pm
Ticket prices: $80
Nearest MRT station: Newton
Enquiries hotline: 8424 1549 

Dr. Tan Eng Kong (MBBS, MPM, FRANZCP) is the Founder and Chairman of Metta Clinic in Sydney, a group practice consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. He is the Founder President of the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors & Psychotherapists (AABCAP). He is also the Director of Training of AABCAP’s two year Buddhism and Psychotherapy Professional Training Course. He graduated in Medicine in Malaysia in 1971 and the first batch of Psychiatrists in the Master of Psychological Medicine course in the University of Malaya in 1975. Dr. Tan was the Founder President of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) in 1971. He is a Foundation Member of the University Buddhist Education Foundation (UBEF) in Australia.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

MV Shirt

Just today we have decided some designs for a MV shirt! Look around when you're out and see the different designs that attract you, write it down or better, sketch it out. Bring to class on Sunday and share it with everyone:D Its an idea worth sharing!

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I found this video very interesting and it gives me a new perspective of things. Take a look and read the comments I have below...

We are all the same but why some organizations are better and attract more people than the rest?
They are better not because they are well funded and/or qualified but because all those great leaders in the world think/act and communicate the exact same way and it is completely different from the rest of the world.

What is your purpose/core and why do we exist?

This can be applied to not just to temple related stuff but also to life! What is your purpose here?

Take for an example this Vesak, we are promoting our youth class and here are two ways you can intro to new friends who are keen to know more of what we do:
1)We are the youth group from MV and we have lessons every Sundays and also do regular community services at Geylang home for the aged. Wanna join us?

2)We are a group of youths who believe in the teachings of the Buddha, Dharmma and Sangha and we are here to reach out to those who know little about it in a fun loving way and to provide exciting activites and camps and at the same time, foster friendship through interaction and bonding. We have SHARING every Sunday and also do regular community services. Want to join us?

Do you realize that the whole feeling changes? Well, its because (2) targets WHY is the youth group formed in the first place and this traces back to our objectives! That is why our objectives is very important as it moulds us to who we are and what we do and how we help the community. Everytime we do something, we have to have an objective in mind and this makes us stay on track and ultimately getting what we want.

He also talked about the law of diffusion of innovation. Even though its innovation, it can be applied to anything we do that we want to promote or share with others and how to attract people to what you believe. We have to believe in ourselves and also know why are we here for and then that's how we can "tip the scales"! Be special and stand out :D

If we don’t know what we do, and people to respond to why you do what you do, how are we able to get people to be part of what we do?

Think about it. Share your comments if you have any:D